You can find us in Paradiset City in the heart of the city. Paradiset is a top-notch food store in Stockholm. That´s “Paradise”, for those of you who don’t speak Swedish.

Here you can find us serving up some Signature Poke Bowls.

Paradiset is the perfect spot for Orange County Foods. We share the same values around food– it should be high quality and produced to serve the world in a positive way.

In January 2017 we opened our newest location at Regeringsgatan 44 in Beta Stockholm, across MOOD and next door to NK.

With a bigger space, we decided to do things a little differently by expanding our menu…

Here you can find us serving up Poke Bowlschia puddings, raw treats, blending up some shakes, and even crafting up some cappuccinos and the latest fad– golden milk lattes!