Orange County Foods

At our first two locations– Mäster Samuelsgatan 23 and Brännkyrkagatan 62-64 in Paradiset, the heart of our menu are poke bowls – a great example of Californian food.

It´s a quirky kind of raw fish salad blending multiple food cultures into a match made in heaven. Raw fish– similar to Japanese sashimi, Italian carpaccio or French tartare– but with a sturdy base of rice or veggies and complementary toppings adding superb flavor.

Still don´t get this poke thing?

This will get your head wrapped around the concept:


At our newest location– Regeringsgatan 44, we’ve introduced burritos and burrito bowls, without the guilt! While eating these foods can sometimes feel like a splurge, we’ve refined them to be packed with fresh veggies and wholesome food your body will love you for.

We´re all about greatness and unlimited possibilities. To us that´s yummy, healthy, happy fast food that keeps you on the move. Toward greatness.

Orange County is a culinary melting pot with influences from multiple food cultures. It´s full of flavor, fresh produce, and combinations fit for your unique taste buds. We simply want our place to give you the spirit, flavor, and natural healthiness of California.



Take this simple test to see if we´re your go-to restaurant. If you agree with at least 3 of 4 statements, we´re a match!

  1. I want tasty food with lots of flavor that stimulates my taste buds
  2. I need energy to get me through the day, be inspired and create great results at work.
  3. When I go out for a meal, I want fast and friendly service.
  4. I don´t want to count calories or read nutrition labels – I want the restaurant to have made healthy choices for me.


The food market today makes it easier to choose sad junk food over happy fast food and quite frankly, this makes us miserable and unhealthy. We want to change this. We want to make yummy, healthy, happy fast food a natural choice accessible to people on the go. This is where the grandeur of America comes in. Maria Allebring, our head honcho, our big enchilada, our big Kahuna says it best:


To us, America really is a place where the sky´s the limit, which has been a great inspiration to Orange County Foods. It´s a place where you can be yourself, think big and be a bit bold. It´s also a place where foodies can find innovative, thoughtful eating places with a twist. This is the slice of America we want everyone to experience.``

Maria Allebring, CEO and Founder of Orange County Foods


Friends describe her as passionate. About food, health, sustainability, people and California. Before founding Orange County Foods she ran a successful organic café on the west coast of Sweden.

Most of her career has been spent in the restaurant business but she has a stuffed briefcase. You could connect with her in chats about photography, events, marketing and project management – she´s been in those industries as well.


Ben is a black bear and California´s signature animal. Just like Orange County Foods, he´s really keen on natural food and hanging out. When hungry he lets nothing slow him down. He wants a delicious meal on the spot.